NY Suffragists were Inspired by Native American Culture

In the 1840s, when most women in the U.S. were considered the property of their husbands and courts blocked the use of domestic violence protections, early suffrage leaders, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Jocelyn Gage, saw that their neighbors, members of the Haudeosaunee indigenous people, had rights for women against assault and rape which were unknown … Continue reading NY Suffragists were Inspired by Native American Culture


News Bulletin from LWVNYS

Legislative Session Wrap-Up The legislative session has ended. As expected, the Legislature failed to pass any of the progressive reforms we advocated for. We weren't the only group scorned by the Assembly and Senate; very few issues were able to be resolved before the two houses gaveled out. Election law reforms, single payer health care, … Continue reading News Bulletin from LWVNYS

A Note From Julie Meer Harnick

President, LWV of Port Washington/Manhasset Dear LWV members and friends, In Oprah Winfrey’s commencement address at USC Annenberg School for Journalism and Communications, she offered up 10 points of advice: Be the Truth, Stay Hopeful, Be Good to Everyone, Vote, Live Responsibly, Be Kind, Splurge on the Right Things, Be Upstanding, Your Job is What … Continue reading A Note From Julie Meer Harnick